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Book about Crabbing from Kodiak, and Dutch Harbor, Alaska

Before you consider a job in Alaska, please read my book. Stormy Sea Products from Kodiak, Alaska, offers a book about fishing to help young men who are seeking jobs in Alaska.

Ship, Book about Fishing in Kodiak, Alaska

Man, Book about Fishing in Kodiak, Alaska

The Purpose of My Book
This book is intended for men between the ages of 18 and 27. My goal is to help these men find work in Alaska's fishing industry. It can be done, but it is not easy. It is my hope that my book will show the reader what is expected of him in this harsh industry.

Employment for Youth
Young men can find work in the fishing industry, the oil fields, construction, and the Alaska pipeline. In fact, youth rules in these jobs. Seniority has nothing to do with it; it all has to do with how hard you work.

Strenuous Labor
A high-paying job in Alaska requires tough physical experience. These jobs are hard on your body. You must have physical fitness to work long hours under unimaginable conditions. You will face sleep deprivation and exhaustion. 

Tough Physical Conditions
When you show up to these jobs, you must be physically fit and willing to work hours like you have never worked before. You must do this under severe weather conditions. The snow and rain go sideways due to severe weather conditions. It is a never-ending battle.

Only Male Co-Workers
There will be no women. The area where you work is 99.9 percent Caucasian. It is very bigoted and very racist. You will not have a girlfriend, wife, or liquor to keep you company. Sexual and racial harassment run rampant. 

You must get along with your other crew members. It is a team effort. You must get along to survive. Buy and read the Angry Book (see this book as listed in book in "All Products") and pass it around.  Read it very carefully to understand anger levels caused from sleep deprivation and long hours on deck.

Personal Savings
You must get some money together before you go out. You must be able to handle the upfront costs of travel and accommodations. Seattle, Washington, is an ideal place to set up temporarly living until you get a job.

Read My Book
This website will give you a taste of what to expect in this very harsh work atmosphere. For more information, please purchase my book. The cost is $29.99 for a hardcover version, $19.99 for paperback, and $7.00 for an eBook.

Contact me to learn more or to order my book.


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